ComoLake Awards 2023



Some of the most outstanding companies, institutions, start-ups and personalities in the application fields of Digital Transformation will be granted an award.

All applications must be submitted by September 18th 2023, by filling in the form on the website. Participation is free of charge.

The Organisation of ComoLake Awards 2023 can count on a prestigious Scientific Committee of Academics, selected by each Inter-University Consortium supporting the event. The Organisation reserves the right to express its own evaluation in the absence of any conflict of interest.

The ComoLake Awards 2023 Scientific Committee is composed as follows:

  • Amedeo Andreotti, Full professor, University of Naples Federico II
  • Giuseppe Bianchi, Director of the “Network Assurance & Monitoring” National Laboratory, CNIT
  • Nicola Blefari Melazzi, President, CNIT
  • Ernesto Damiani, President, CINI
  • Donato Limone, former Full Professor of Legal Computer Science
  • Daniele Nardi, Director of the “Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems” National Laboratory, CINI
  • Federico Rupi, President, NITEL
  • Roberto Setola, Director General, NITEL
  • Domenico Villacci, President, EnSiEL

Considering the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, the Organisation will announce the winners for each following theme:

  1. TLC and Networks
  2. AI and Metaverse
  3. Energy and Sustainability
  4. Mobility and Transportation
  5. Public Administration

The selection of the winners is a discretionary, independent and indisputable assessment by the Organisation.


  1. Sector innovation:
    Attention to the evolution of products and services and technological advances aimed at responding to market demands in an ever-changing environment, knowing how to turn advances into new opportunities
  2. Strategic and qualitative impact on the country:
    Impact on the country and not only on customers of products and services, especially in terms of their contribution to sustainability
  3. Business results:
    • Expansion of market share
    • Increased number of customers (number)
    • Reduced response times (percentage)
    • Higher process quality perceived by customers (percentage)
    • Etc.
  4. Sector leadership;
    Offering a benchmark service or product in one’s niche market
  5. Strategic Development:
    Ability to anticipate customers’ needs, openness to key markets and sectors also thanks to communication and marketing activities related to strengthening one’s brand
  6. Internationalisation:
    Ability to export one’s business abroad, contributing to the spread of Italian excellence worldwide
  7. High service quality:
    Ability to combine best practices with implementation methods in order to achieve the best products or services that satisfy customers
  8. Sustainability:
    Promotion of a better quality of life within the company, law firm, bank or financial institution with regard to economic, social and environmental decisions and fostering activities with a positive impact within its structure and for the community
  9. Training:
    Promotion of continuous training courses with updating of employees’ professional preparation

For each area of reference, category-specific criteria will also be considered in addition to the general criteria above. Please contact the Organisation for more information.

The presentation of the award is the official moment of consecration for each of the winners. It
will take place during the Gala Dinner on October 5th at La Villa Antica in the Villa Erba complex. The award presentation can only be made in person. Failure to collect the award in person will be deemed as renunciation. In the event of renunciation, the award is assigned to the runner-up.

The Organisation has the power to revoke the award granted in case of serious reasons affecting its validity. To this end, reports are accepted even after the award has been granted.


Comolake AWARDS 2023