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Almaviva is synonymous with digital innovation. Proven experience, unique skills, ongoing research and in-depth knowledge of a range of public and private market sectors are what make it the leading Italian Group in Information & Communications Technology.

Almaviva leads the Country growth and takes up the challenge that companies must face to remain competitive in the digital age, by innovating their business model, organization, enterprise culture and ICT.

Almaviva operates globally, with 44 offices in Italy and 32 abroad. It has a significant presence in Brazil, and is also operational in the United States, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Finland,

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Brussels, the nerve centre of the EU. With 46,000 people – 7,000 in Italy and 39,000 overseas – Almaviva is the 3rd private Italian Group in terms of people worldwide, with a turnover of € 1.096 million in 2022.