CABOLO® is an Artificial Intelligence based device that records, transcribes, translates, and archives in real time. It can transcribe text in over 30 languages, and translate up to 60 languages. Designed to ensure maximum data protection, it does not require any internet connection, ensuring confidentiality and utmost security.

CABOLO Subtitle version is the ready-to-use solution for automatic subtitling making it easier to create high-quality subtitles for any video content and ensuring accessibility and inclusion.

CABOLO® is a registered Cedat85 product, a pioneering company established in 1985 in Italy, was among the earliest to effectively implement automatic speech recognition and NLP technology in practical applications, serving both global private enterprises and public institutions, like the European Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Italian Chamber of Deputies, Tyrolean Parliament, and an extensive clientele comprising over 300 city councils across Europe.