Luca Luciani


Boldyn Networks


– 30+ years work experience as manager of large corporations (Procter&Gamble, Enel, Telecom Italia, Tim Brasil), management consultancy (Bain & Company; Value Partners) and Advisory (Fintech NY, Telecom Argentina);

– Promoter, co-founder and shareholder of BOLDYN NETWORKS ITALIA (previously BAI COMMUNICATIONS ITALIA, launched in Italy on February 2022 and rebranded to BOLDYN NETWORKS ITALIA in June 2023) a neutral host infrastructure start-up financed by CPPIB (bn 570 USD assets under management)

– Most relevant project promoted in Italy is “5G for Rome” (Capex 100m; Total project revenues 500m), a smart-city monster project to adequate Rome to the Jubilee 2025, realizing a neutral hoist platform open to all Mobile Network Operators

Major professional experiences:

– Executive of Telecom Italia (1999-2008);

– CEO of Tim Brasil (2009-2012);

– Advisor of Fintech Group (2013-2016; 2018-2020)

– CEO of Value Partners (2016-2018)

– Co-founder and CEO of BAI Communications Italia (Feb’22), now Boldyn Networks Ita, sponsored by CPPIB (Canadian Pension Fund)