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For over 40 years, Halley Informatica has been at the side of Public Administration and citizens. Halley prefers simplification process and increases the quality of the offered services by providing software, services and organisational models which improve Institution’s efficiency.

The given solutions aim to provide Administrators with a tool that allows them to have an overview of the Institution and its services and support in the management of the territory and the population.

Solutions and services for the PA

  • Management software in Cloud: Halley’s integrated information system is based on an innovative architectural design. It is qualified as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) deliverable in Cloud Saas mode in Marketplace AgID. This system is at the heart of the entire organisation of the Institution and manages all its offices.
  • Outsourcing and data processing services: the management of local revenue, employees, salaries and local police office and the digitalization of violation of the Highway Code.
  • Publishing and regulatory assistance to support the Institution in every change and in the different regulatory interpretations
  • Systems engineering for the supply of system and hardware solutions
    The accurate and highly qualified service is provided by 1,000 specialized employees and 34 centers in the territory.

Halley, competence and professionality at Public Administration’s side.

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