Michele Zunino

Michele Zunino



Michele Zunino, CEO at Netalia, is an expert in new technologies and digital transformation.

Right from the start of the Internet era, he understands that networks evolve in a logically interconnected environment, where industry players and policy makers need to play in synergy: since then, his capabilities as an entrepreneur and a trailblazer serve this ecosystem at large.

In the late ‘90s he founds Cubecom, a predecessor of current Cloud Service Providers. When it acquires Galactica, then a major Internet Service Provider in Italy, he is appointed as chairperson of the Board of Directors, until 2003.

Later on, he takes over several assignments in telcos, leading cross-functional teams working on product and process radical innovation. Among these, a group of specialists developing new services at Italtel and working to define the company’s entry strategy in greenfield markets.

Netalia, the independent Italian Public Cloud, debuts in 2010: it is based on a new data management approach, one where governing information is pivotal.

Zunino also chairs the Consorzio Italia Cloud (Italy’s Cloud providers’ consortium), gathering Italian industry players aiming at building a national Cloud infrastructure to the benefit of public bodies and private organizations.